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Spectrum's full line of Intraoperative Probe Drapes are 100% Latex Free and Made in the USA

Spectrum Labs manufactures a full line of intraoperative probe drapes. All probe drapes are manufactured of 100% latex-free, soft, anti-stat materials that are clear and will not obstruct clinician's view. Universal Gamma Probe drapes have medical grade tape strips to hold the drape in place.

Custom intraoperative probe drapes available upon request.

Ultrasound Probe Drape
Ultrasound Probe Drape

Features and Benefits:

Ultrasound Probe Drape (Elflex) 8" x 55"

  • Straps for added convenience make this user-friendly version easy to pull/roll on
  • Seamless tapered end eliminates interference with ultrasonic transmission

Ultrasound Probe Drape (LDPE) 7" x 96"

  • One-piece, clear anti-stat Polyethylene
  • elescopically folded w/rubber bands

Universal Gamma Probe Cover

  • Sized with tapered tip to fit both straight and flexible probes
  • Low density, soft Polyethylene
  • Telescopically folded w/ rubber bands and medical grade tape strips

Univeral Gamma Probe Cover
Ultrasound Probe Drape
Product No. Description Dimensions Drapes/Cs Price
781983 Ultrasound Probe Drape (Elflex) 8" x 55" 10
781984 Ultrasound Probe Drape (LDPE) 7" x 96" 12
781986 Universal Gamma Probe Cover 5" x 96" 50
781988 Cordless Probe Drape 1" x 12" 50

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