Patient Extremity Drapes
Provide a Sterile Barrier During Surgery

Spectrum Labs' Stockinettes are available in 9 different styles with 98 lengths and widths. They available in single or double ply 100% cotton or 50%-50% cotton/polyester blend. All styles are pre-rolled for easier application. All stockinettes can be supplied with patented strap handles for easier one handed application and increased sterile integrity. Spectrum stockinettes are 100% Latex free and available either sterile or non-sterile bulk packed. All Sterile and Sterile Impervious patient extremity drapes are now available with new broad-spectrum anti-microbial fiber technology. Call (214) 492-0506 for pricing or additional information.

Sterile Stockinettes are available in 30 lengths or widths. All are supplied pre-rolled for easy application.

Impervious Stockinettes are a sterile moisture-proof barrier that reduces bacterial migration. These Hy'N Dry® stockinettes are available as 50/50 cotton/polyester blend or in 100% cotton.

Non-sterile Bulk Stockinettes allow for multiple uses in OR, emergency rooms, under casts, and over orthopedic appliances. They come packaged in easy-to-use dispenser boxes.

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