Compression Bandages
Constant and Controlled Compression
Spectrum manufactures a two types of compression bandages. Spectrum's Esmarch bandages provide constant and controlled compression during surgical procedures. They are 100% latex free and available in six sizes to meet a wide range of surgical applications. Esmarch bandages are supplied sterile with central supply ready wrap, sterile or non-sterile bulk packaged. Rapid Wrap® elastic compression bandages are designed for sports medicine and physical therapy. Manufactured from synthetic rubber, they have Velcro strips that provide self-closure. The Velcro strips make it easy to adjust the bandage to the optimum level of compression. The elimination of metal clips makes bandage removal prior to X-ray unnecessary. Knit weave construction helps prevent bandage slippage. Rapid Wrap bandages are available sterile or non-sterile bulk packed.

Rapid Wrap elastic compression bandages are available in 2 styles.

Esmarch bandages are available in 6 sizes to meet a wide range of surgical applications.

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