Original Equipment Manufacturing
Spectrum proudly offers full OEM Service for Filtration, Dialysis and Chromatography Products

Do you have a filtration, dialysis or separation application that requires product customization or even a new product? Let Spectrum be your manufacturing partner and turn your product idea into a reality. Spectrum Laboratories has been an industry leader in dialysis and filtration products for more than thirty years and has over 15 years of OEM and Private Label manufacturing experience for the pharmaceutical, medical, healthcare, cell culture research, industrial and electronics industries.

OEM Products
Whether needing a slight modification to an existing catalog item, creating a new product prototype or developing a new separation technology, Spectrum has the technical expertise and capability to make your OEM product. The following is a short list of OEM products that Spectrum currently manufactures.

Point-of-Use (POU) Water Filter: Currently most manufacturers of laboratory high quality water systems use a proprietary hollow fiber POU filter manufactured by Spectrum.
KrosFlo® Implant Membranes: Spectrum is the exclusive manufacturer of a special PVDF fiber that is used in drug screening tests on the fiber-encapsulated cancer and HIV cells for animal implantation research.
POU Blow-off Gun Air Filters: Two of the major air gun producers for the electronic industry use custom made Spectrum filters.
Hollow Fiber Bioreactor: As one of the leading producers of bioreactors for artificial liver devices, Spectrum supports numerous on-going studies in this leading edge biotechnology application.
Syringe Tip Filters: Spectrum has been producing syringe tip filters for parental drug delivery kits and trays for over 10 years and currently supplies over half a million units per year.
Blood Separation Filters: Due to vast experience in hollow fiber separation technology, Spectrum manufactures several hemofilter devices for a variety of medical and healthcare applications.
Chromatography Instruments: Spectrum manufactures a variety of chromatography instruments sold by others as their own. Save R&D time by private labeling our CF-2 Fraction Collector or Model 280 UV Monitor.
OEM Applications

Spectrum currently manufactures an assortment of OEM products for a multitude of filtration, dialysis and separation applications.

Pharma / Biotech
Application Examples
  • Latex Particle filtration
  • Protein purification / concentration
  • Blood fractionation
  • Work-up of fermentation broths
  • Depyrogenation
  • Monoclonal Antibody Production
  • Cell Expansion for Cell Therapy
Chemical / Textile / Metal
Application Examples
  • MTBE Removal from aqueous streams
  • water water workup
  • Textile Dye Extraction
  • Catalyst recycling
  • Separation of oil/water emulsions
  • Life-time extension of degreasing bath
Dairy, Food
Application Examples
  • Milk and whey concentration
  • Soft Cheese production
  • Wine and vinegar filtration
  • Fruit juice clarification
  • Starch and sugar concentration
  • Monoclonal Antibody Production
  • Cell Expansion for Cell Therapy
  • Pre-filtration for ultrapure water
  • Clean air gun filtration

Spectrum's Qualifications as a OEM Manufacturer

  • 30+ years providing OEM products and services to a global market.
  • "Turn-key" manufacturing of hollow fiber medical devices as well as OEM service for dialysis, process filtration, biopharmaceutical, research and other life-science separation technologies.
  • Commitment to our customers has produced many long-standing OEM based relationships and customer satisfaction.
  • A complete R&D, Engineering, Quality and Support staff enabling us to develop products from concept through prototype to full scale production, giving our customers an advantage in "speed to market" introduction.
  • Vertically integrated manufacturing crew with room and space for production expansion.
  • A world class manufacturing facility with a 13,000 sq. ft., Class 10,000 cleanroom.

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