KrosFlo® Digital Pressure Monitor

Designed to monitor pressures in fluid processing, the Digital Pressure Monitor also serves as an excellent multi-purpose lab pressure monitor. The monitor measures & displays 3 pressures, feed, permeate and retentate. A 4th calculated pressure TMP is displayed.

Features & Benefits

  • Digital display of 4 pressures: feed, permeate, retentate and TMP
  • 5 High/Low alarms
  • Data collection & recording
  • CE & UL marked


  • Digital Monitor
  • 3 Disposable Pressure Transducers
Product No. Description Voltage Qty Price
ACPM-201-01N KrosFlo Digital Pressure Monitor 110 V 1 REQUEST
ACPM-202-01N KrosFlo Digital Pressure Monitor 220 V 1 REQUEST
KRIIi TFF System link

Back Pressure Value
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Disposable Pressure Transducers

Disposalble Pressure Transducers
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KMPi TFF System link
KrosFlo KRI Pump & Stand
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