Refrig/Arrangers® Storage Trays

Refrig/Arranger Trays are the ideal way to conserve valuable space in laboratory refrigerators and freezers as well as organize laboratory bench tops and cabinets. Made of high-impact polystyrene, Refrig/Arranger Trays are also well suited for freezer storage (-90°C).

These lightweight, sturdy Storage Trays are perfect for safe and convenient transportation and refrigerated storage of glass vials or small bottles. Refrig/Arranger Trays are available in channel and grid designs with a raised front edge designed for labeling and preventing spills.

  • Efficient Use of Valuable Space
  • Protects Glass & Plastic Containersy
  • Transport from Bench-top to Fridge
  • Secondary Containment for Spills
  • Freezer Storage as low as -90 C
  • 3 Channel Tray Sizes
  • 2 Grid Tray Sizes
Part No. Tray Configuration Size Dimensions
No. of Comp. Comp. Dim.
Qty Price
183550 Channel Tray Medium 34.3 x 40 10 3.2 (wide) 1
183554 Grid Tray Large 34.3 x 40 60 3.2 x 3.2 1
183556 Grid Tray Small 34.3 x 40 104 1.9 x 1.9 1


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