KrosFlo® Automated Tangential Flow Filtration Systems
KTF 600 and KTF 1000

The KrosFlo KTF 600 and KTF 1000 Tangential Flow Filtration Systems were developed for tangential flow microfiltration or ultrafiltration of shear sensitive cells or process solutions. Both systems use a single-use non-pulsating levitating magnetic pump controlled by a PLC.

  • The KTF 600 is used to process volumes less the 400 liters with a maximum feed rate of 43LPM at 30 psig (2 bar).
  • The KTF 1000 system is used to process volumes 400+ Liters with a maximum feed rate of 100 LPM at 36 psig (2.5 bar).

Both system’s mobile cart is used to support the hollow fiber filter flow path, an integrated non-invasive retentate control valve, up to two peristaltic pumps, the levitating recirculating pump, a clamp on ultrasonic retentate flow meter, a flow though ultrasonic permeate flow meter and the electrical cabinet with built in 15” color touch-screen HMI. The mobile cart is made of Sanitary 304 Stainless Steel to meet NEMA 4X wash down requirements.

Part Number Description Price
SYTF-600 KTF 600 Automated Tangential Filtration Filtration System REQUEST
SYTF-1000 KTF 1000 Automated Tangential Filtration Filtration System REQUEST
KTF 600 and KTF 1000 System Features:

304 Stainless Steal Mobile Cart with four locking swivel casters

Compact open design for quick assembly of MBT into operation

NEMA 4X Rated Enclosure, CE/UL/cUL

Integrated with Flow-path Stand

Retentate Control Valve that is non-invasive to the process stream

Up to two Auxiliary Peristaltic Pump(s)

KTF-600 Recirculation Pump up to 43LPM @ 30 psig (2 Bar)

Software: Proficy HMI/SCADA-IFIX

Ethernet port for connection to central data acquisition system

15' Color Touch Screen Computer/Display

Sequences Available in Semi-Automated or Automated as well as manual operation

Ultrasonic Non-Invasive Retentate Flow Meter

Ultrasonic flow through Permeate flow meter

Touch Screen Controller Displayed reading and the rendering of the flow-path

Visual and Audible Alarms with safety interlocks

USB port for flash drive connection and data transfer

USB port can be used to connect and external mouse or keyboard

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