Auxiliary Pumps

As the experts in TFF bioprocessing solutions, Repligen offers 2 auxiliary pump options for the KrosFlo® TFF Systems. The KrosFlo Research 1 (KR1) and KrosFlo Junior (KR Jr) peristaltic pumps have both internal and external control modes, making the perfect auxiliary TFF pumps. Spectrum pumps have highly repeatable and precise flow rates, housed in low maintenance machines. The 600 rpm drive on the KR1 can run two KrosFlo Research 1 Pump Heads. The new KR Jr pump has a much smaller footprint than the KR1 and is stackable to reduce benchtop space. Replacement parts for KR2i and KMPi are also available to order.

Pump Specifications

Type KrosFlo Research Jr KrosFlo Research 1
Part Number ACJR-U10 ACR1-U20-01N
Max flow rate (mL/min): 162 3400
Min flow rate (mL/min): 0.004 0.36
Control type: Variable Speed Digital Variable Speed
Power (Amps): 0.2 at 230 VAC 1.1 at 230 VAC
Reversible motor: Yes Yes
RPM: 0.1 to 300 6 to 600
IP rating (Drive): IP33 IP33
Dimensions (Drive): 9.38\" x 5.5\" x 6.19\"
(23.8 x 14.0 x 15.7 cm)
10.8\" x 8.3\" x 8.5\"
(27.4 x 21.1 x 21.6 cm)
Speed control: ±0.1% ±0.25%

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