Process Filtration Systems
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Hollow fiber filters link

KR2i TFF System
for volumes of 2 mL to 10 L
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KMPi TFF System link

KMPi TFF System
for volumes of 10 L to 1000 L
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Components and Accessories link

KTF Automated TFF Systems
for shear sensitive solutions
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Krosflo Pilot Plus System link

KrosFlo Pilot Plus System
for volumes of 10 L to 2,000 L
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Spectrum's Tangential Flow Filtration (TFF) systems facilitate the direct scalability of Spectrum's hollow fiber ultrafiltration and microfiltration modules. The systems have been designed for filtration applications ranging from R&D to Full Production. Spectrum Systems can be used to filter volumes ranging from a few milliliters to thousands of liters.

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