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Tangential Flow Filtration (TFF) also known as Cross Flow Filtration (CFF) involves the recirculation of the retentate across the surface of the membrane. This gentle cross flow feed acts to minimize membrane fouling, maintain a high filtration rate and provide higher product recovery. Spectrum manufactures Hollow Fiber TFF filters for both micro filtration and ultrafiltration applications. Spectrum's Hollow Fiber Filters are particularly useful in Tangential Flow Filtration because processes can easily be scaled-up or scaled down. The same filtration conditions used to optimize R&D or lab scale filtration can be used in full-scale production when the length of the filtration flow path is maintained while filter's surface area is increased by adding more fibers to process large volumes. With consistent flow-path lengths it is easier to move from research to pilot-scale to production.

These systems consist of pumps with integrated digital pressure monitors and data collection software to ensure efficient and reproducible filtration.

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