KrosFlo® Pilot Plus TFF System

Spectrum's Tangential Flow Filtration (TFF) easily and directly scales up for the pilot production of large volume applications. The hollow fiber geometry of KrosFlo modules allows you to simply factor up the membrane surface area, the circulation rate and the filtration rate established in process development, by the same factor, while maintaining the operating pressures and the overall process time. Combined with the disposability of Spectrum's membranes for easy validation, the NEW KrosFlo Pilot Plus System is ideal for diagnostic and biopharmaceutical pilot production for FDA validated processing.

The NEW KrosFlo Pilot Plus is manufactured under cGMP standards for the tangential flow filtration of validated pilot production processes. The system is provided with complete GMP documentation and is UL, CE and CSA certified. The KrosFlo Pilot Plus System consists of a Waukesha rotary lobe pump to circulate process streams through an adjustable stainless steel flow-path that is adjustable for the incorporation of any length pilot and production scale Spectrum hollow fiber modules or retrofit. The unique carting design includes 4 locking caster wheels to provide system mobility while the leveling pads assure system stability during operation. Three system models are available depending on the required processing capacity.

Ordering Selection

Four system models for different volume capacities:

Typical Process Volume Pump Capacity @ 2 Bar SS Flow-path Manifolds available Hollow Fiber Modules
10 -150 liters 25 LPM 3/4" Dia. Single or Double KF
50-500 liters 75 LPM 1.5" Dia. Single or Double KF
250-2000 liters 200 LPM 2" Dia. Single or upto four modules KF & KF Max
1000-5000 liters 350 LPM 2.5" Dia. Single or upto four modules KF & KF Max

Standard System includes:

  • Reversible Waukesha rotary lobe pump (400 RPM)
  • 316L stainless steel flow-path with <20 RA finish on wetted surfaces
  • Manual speed control and emergency shut-off.
  • Autoclavable inlet, outlet and permeate pressure gauges
  • Inlet pressure alarm with auto system shut-down function
  • Retentate and permeate back-pressure diaphragm valves
  • Isolation valve for feed stream
  • SS spool pieces for system flushing and cleaning
  • Two 4 ft. flexible hoses for connecting to processing reservoir (not included)
  • GMP documentation package

Optional features and accessories:

  • Digital pressure indicators
  • Retentate and/or permeate magnetic flow meter with local display
  • Conical bottom process reservoirs with FDA grade PP tanks (50, 250 & 500 liter)
  • Explosion proof system design.
  • Non-GMP system design for non-validated processes.

Advantages of Disposability

  • Easier FDA Validation
  • Saves Money & Time
  • No Cross-Contamination
  • Less Down-Time
  • Low Shear
  • Directly Scalable for Production
  • Easy Retrofit for other HF Modules

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