Spectra/Por® Dynamic Dialysis Tank System

Easy Process Scale Dialysis

Dialysis Recirculation Tank

The Spectra/Por® Dynamic Dialysis Tank System makes dialysis of larger sample volumes ranging from 100 ml to 2 liters faster and more efficient. The system allows for a continuous buffer flow (50-200ml/min) from a remote dialysis feed reservoir (up to 1000 L). Continuous flow maintains a higher concentration gradient and faster rate of dialysis compared to traditional static dialysis with manual buffer changes. The tall, cylindrical tank enables the efficient removal of solutes by keeping the buffer close to the membrane surface.

Benefits of Dynamic Dialysis

  • Shorter run time
  • Higher sample purity
  • No manual buffer changes
  • Smaller footprint
  • Smaller buffer volume required

Ordering Selection



Tank Dimensions
Volume Size
5 Liter 7 Liter 10 Liter
Part Number 163109 163110 163111
Total Height 68 cm 86 cm 126 cm
Base Width (with clamp) 30.5 cm 30.5 cm 30.5 cm
Internal Diameter 10.5 cm 10.5 cm 10.5 cm
Modes of Operation
Recirculation Mode: Buffer flow returned to remote source
Single-pass Mode: Buffer flow directly to discharge/drain
Part Description Material Qty
Tank Body Polysulfone 1
Tank Stand Polypropylene 1
1.5 in. x ¼ in. Hose Barb Adapter Polypropylene 2
1.5 in. x ⅜ in. Hose Barb Adapter Polypropylene 1
6 in. Gasket Silicone Pt cured 1
1.5 in. Gasket silicone Pt cured 2
6 in. Clamp Nylon 1
1.5 in. Clamp Nylon 2
Silicone Tubing, Pharmapure 10' x ¼ in. ID Silicone 1
Silicone Tubing, Platinum-cured, 10' x ⅜ in. ID Silicone 1

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