Biotech Ready-to-Use Dialysis Devices (RDD)
Introducing 3 NEW types of Devices to Revolutionize Laboratory Dialysis

Unlike other dialysis devices, only Spectrum offers Ready-to-Use Devices with ultra-pure Biotech Membrane to provide precise MWCO's and excellent sample recovery without membrane impurities. All the required components are built in for ultimate convenience. No need for closures, knots, buoys, pontoons, weights, etc. There are 3 types of Spectra/Por® ready-to-use and disposable dialysis devices: New Micro Float-A-Lyzer® for 100 - 500 µl volumes, Float-A-Lyzer G2 for 1 - 10 ml and Tube-A-Lyzer® for rapid dynamic dialysis. All 3 consist of a volume-specific length of ultra-pure biotech grade CE tubing.


Follow 3 simple steps for using all types of Biotech RDD's:

  1. Load Sample... Without Needles!
  2. Dialyze against buffer (static or recirculation).
  3. Total Sample Recovery

Only Spectrum's dialysis devices with re-sealable caps and ports allow in process sample testing without struggling with closures and leaking knots or risking puncturing the membrane with hypodermic needles. Eliminating the typical frustrations and risks associated with dialysis tubing and cassette type devices, Biotech Ready-to-Use Dialysis Devices are:

  • Sample port with re-sealable cap
  • No knots or closures
  • No needle punctures
  • No membrane impurities

New Micro Float-A-Lyzer

New Micro Float-A-Lyzer
for 100-500 µl volumes

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Float-A-Lyzer G2 for 1-10 ml volumes

Float-A-Lyzer G2
for 1-10 ml volumes

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Tube-A-Lyzer for rapid dialysis

for rapid dialysis

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