Heavy Metal Cleaning Solution for Dialysis Membrane

While rinsing Spectra/Por® dialysis membrane in water is typically sufficient to remove glycerine or preservative, Spectrum offers Heavy Metal Cleaning Solution for the removal of trace levels of heavy metals introduced during the manufacturing process of Spectra/Por 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6. (Note that Spectra/Por 7 is already pre-treated.) Recommended for ultrasensitive dialysis applications like binding studies and equilibrium dialysis or when the low level presence of these contaminants may interfere with subsequent analyses of the dialysis samples.

The Spectra/Por Membrane Kit includes:
1.5 meters of Biotech RC Tubing (6 mm flat width) in 3

0.5 m of 3.5-5 kD Biotech RC
0.5 m of 8-10 kD Biotech RC
0.5 m of 20 kD Biotech RC

7 Spectra/Por Closures

3 Standard
3 Weighted
1 Magnetic-Weighted

1 Spectra/Por Dialysis Reservoir (2400 ml) with stir bar

Product No. Description Price
132908 Spectra/Por Dialysis Kit with Assorted Biotech RC Membrane
Heavy Metal Cleaning Kit MSDS MSDS: Click here to download PDF of Material Safety Data Sheet

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