Fundamentals of Dynamic Dialysis

While standard static dialysis is very popular in the laboratory, Dynamic Dialysis uses flow dynamics to increase both the rate and efficiency of dialysis. Circulating the sample and/or the dialysate creates the highest possible concentration gradient to significantly decrease dialysis time. Other benefits of the sweeping action is that it prevents membrane fouling and in some situations generates a pressure differential. This supplemental driving force increases the hypo-osmotic mass transfer rate across the semi-permeable membrane and allows for sample concentration during the dialysis process. Depending on the application requirements, there are two basic sample conditions that can be utilized for different reasons or purposes in Dynamic Dialysis:

1. Streaming Dialysate & Static Sample

Increased rate of dialysis
Small volume sample
Delicate sample
Large volume dialysate

2. Streaming Dialysate & Streaming Sample

(Counter-Current Dialysis)
Maximum rate of dialysis
Large volume sample
Robust sample
Large volume dialysate

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  • Rapid and Efficient Dialysis
  • Saves Valuable Time
  • Dialysis of Larger Sample Volumes
  • Flow Stream Prevents Membrane Fouling & Maintains Suspension of Solutes
  • Eliminates Need for Dialysate Changes
  • Open System: dialysate goes to drain
  • Closed System: dialysate recirculated
  • Desalting or pH Change
  • Plasma / Serum Concentration
  • Protein Preparation
  • Electrophoresis Gels
  • Antibody Concentration
  • Clarification and Purification
  • Binding Studies
  • Temperature Regulated Dialysis
  • Open System & Batch Dialysis

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