Model 280 UV Detector

The detector is a necessary part of any experimental chromatography system. It is used to determine the concentrations of the different compounds as they elute from the column. It also provides information on the condition of the column and on the identity of the sample components.

The output of the detector is connected to a strip chart recorder or data system. The recorded trace becomes the chromatogram describing the separation.

The detector output can also be connected to an intelligent fraction collector (like the CF-2) to provide real-time peak detection and allow you to control how the components of your precious samples are collected.

The Spectra/Chrom® Model 280 UV detector is a fixed wavelength flow-through spectrophotometer ideally suited for use as a chromatographic detector. It works equally well with HPLC and low-pressure systems. It features a direct reading digital output and a dual beam optical system that allows the automatic subtraction of a solvent background even in the presence of a rapidly changing gradient.

It has analog outputs for both a chart recorder and an integrator (1V/AU).

As with all of Spectrum's chromatography instruments, the Model 280 UV detector comes complete and ready-to-use. It includes a 5 mm pathlength flow cell, filters for both 254 and 280 nm operation, and a set of tubing fittings. Unlike many filter based detector, the operating wavelength can be changed in less than 10 seconds.

  • Dual-Beam optics for baseline subtraction
  • Cold-room compatible
  • Digital Readout
  • Detection limit 3 x 10-4 AU
  • Both 254 and 280 nm operation
  • 3 different flow cells available
  • Quick wavelength changes
  • CE marked & complies with RoHS

Spectra/Chrom UV Detector Technical Specifications:

Full-Scale Absorbance Ranges:
0.01, 0.02, 0.05, 0.1, 0.2, 0.5, and 1.0 Absorbance Units
Maximum error 1.5% of full scale at 254 nm
Noise Level:
less than 0.0003 AU at 254 nm with dry flow paths after 30 minute warm-up
Maximum drift 0.0005 AU per hour after 30 minute warm-up
Rise Time:
10-90% rise time is 0.6 sec on 0.5 AU range
Display Accuracy:
+/- 3 counts
9.25 x 4.75 x 8 inch
23.5 x 12 x 20.3 cm
w x h x l
4.1 kg (9 lb)
Operating Temperature:
0°C to 40°C, noncondensing
Power Requirements:
115 ± 20 VAC
230 ± 40 VAC
20 VA
Line Frequency:
45 to 65 Hz

Product No. Description Price
142600 Model 280 UV detector, 115V, includes 5 mm pathlength flow cell and filters for 254 and 280 nm.
142602 Model 280 UV detector, 230V, includes 5 mm pathlength flow cell and filters for 254 and 280 nm. CE & RoHS.
142608 254/280 nm Filter slide. (This combination slide is included with the Spectra/Chrom UV Monitor.)
142642 5 mm pathlength dual flow cell. (This flow cell is included with Spectra/Chrom UV Monitor.) Illuminated volume 34 µL; hold-up volume 134 µL (per flow path).
142644 2 mm pathlength dual flow cell. Illuminated volume 14 µL; hold-up volume 54 µL (per flow path).
142640 10 mm pathlength dual flow cell. Illuminated volume 68 µL; hold-up volume 268 µL (per flow path).
142650 Replacement lamp assembly for Model 280 UV detector.

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Fraction Collector
Fraction Collector

The CF-2 Fraction Collector is similar to a interval sampler. But, instead of only collecting small samples at intervals, it is used to collect all of a flowing stream. it is usually used to collect the effluent from a chromatography column, but can be used to collect other streams of liquids as well.

Chart Recorder
Chart Recorder

While the Model 280 UV Monitor can be used with almost any laboratory strip chart recorder, we also offer an inexpensive recorder for those who do not have one already "lying around the lab".

The manual for the Model 280 UV detector is available on-line here.

The Model 280 UV detector is also described here, here, and here.

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