Spectra/Chrom® Tubing Cutter

The Spectra/Chrom Tubing Cutter cuts most plastic tubing, leaving a flat, even edge. The special "V" shape of the tubing holder keeps the tubing perpendicular to the blade. The blade remains sharp for many cuts, but it can easily be replaced.

The Spectra/Chrom Tubing Cutter can be used on most flexible tubing 1/2 inch (13 mm) OD or smaller. It is not for use on metallic tubing.

The blades may be replaced, the only tool required for blade replacement is a Phillips screwdriver. The replacement blades are sold in package of 5.

Product No. Description Price
123367 Spectra/Chrom tubing cutter.
123368 Replacement blades for the Spectra/Chrom tubing cutter, package of 5 blades.

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Plastic Tubing
Plastic Tubing

We also manufacture polymer tubing from a variety of material for use in the laboratory.

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