Organic Column Accessories

A variety of accessories are available to increase the utility of our organic series chromatography columns. These include Packing Reservoirs, Column Extender, and Fittings and Valves.

Packing Reservoirs

Packing reservoirs are available for all of our columns. When connected to a column with a column extender (not included, see below) they allow a column to be slurry packed in a single pour. Since the ID of the column, column extender, and packing reservoir neck are all the same there is no disruption of the packing at the end of the column.

The only wetted part of the packing reservoir is borosilicate glass. The chemical compatibility of a system using a packing reservoir will be determined by the endplates and/or column extender used.

Column ID Reservoir Volume Reservoir Part Number
0.6 cm 125 ml

0.9 cm 300 ml

1.5 cm 300 ml

2.5 cm 1000 ml

5.0 cm 3 L

Column Extenders

Column extenders are used to join two columns of the same diameter to form one longer column. The inner bore of the column extender matches that of the columns so that there is a minimal disruption of the bed at the extender.

To use a column extender to join 2 columns, simply remove the lower end plate from the upper column and the upper end plate from the lower column. The column extender is threaded on both ends and simply screws into the places previously occupied by the endplates. Using this method you can join as many column bodies as desired into a single interior bore, but since column bodies as long as 100 cm are available in every diameter, ceiling height usually limits you to 2 or 3 bodies.

The column extender is a wetted part of any system in which it is used. The white aqueous column extenders are made from PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) and this is their only wetted material.

Column extenders can also be used to connect a packing reservoir to a column. This lets you cleanly back a column with minimal bed disruption without the need for excessive ceiling clearance.

Column ID Extender Part Number
0.6 cm 125352

0.9 cm 125353

1.5 cm 125355

2.5 cm 125357

5.0 cm 125359

Fittings and Valves

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