CultureGard® HF Perfusion Filters
Hollow Fiber Sterilizing Grade Filter for Cell Culture Perfusion
  • A Large Surface Area for Fast Flow rates under Lower Pressures
  • A Minimal Risk of Membrane Clogging or Rupture
  • A Minimum Hold-up Volume
  • PP vent fiber prevents air lock

CultureGard autoclavable filters are made with 0.2 µm MWCO DynaFibre® membrane that permits the flow of culture medium while preventing the introduction of foreign microbials. These specialized filters have a large surface area for faster flow rates under lower pressures. Lower pressure during filtration reduces the risk of the membrane clogging or rupturing. The DynaFibre Membrane is hydrophilic so there is minimum hold-up volume. The combination of faster flow rates and minimum hold-up volume makes CultureGards the ideal filters for adding even the most viscous nutrients, like 6M glucose or media with serum, to hollow fiber or stirred tank bioreactors. Nutrients can be easily added to a culture without a syringe and septum.

Sterile Protection for Culture Feeding & Harvesting

Two CultureGard Filters used in series provide the ultimate sterile barrier against the risk of culture contamination possible during media feeding and culture perfusion. Prior to autoclaving the bioreactor, connect the pair of CultureGards to the media feed line. Should the first filter become plugged, simply remove it and re-attach the media supply directly to the second filter already in-line, maintaining the sterile barrier to the culture.

Pore Rating:
0.2 µm
70 cm2
Membrane SA:
70 cm2
Inlet/Outlet Conn.:
Female Luer-Lok® (FLL)/
Male Luer-Lok (MLL)
12/pkg, non-sterile
HF Membrane:
Mixed cullulose ester
HF Vent:
Potting Material:
Clear polysulfone
Pigmented polysulfone
1/8" HB Adapters:
Polypropylene (4 MLL & 4 FLL)
CultureGard Image 1
CultureGard Image 2
CultureGard Image 3

CultureGard samples are available. Click on the S to request one. Limit 1 per customer.

Product No. Description Pore
Volume IN / OUT
IRR Fill
Qty/Pkg Sample Price
CU2M-205-12N CultureGard 0.2 µm 70 cm2 2 - 50 L FLL/MLL NO NO 12  

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