Hollow Fiber Cell Implantation

KrosFlo® Implant Membrane for Drug Discovery & Development

Spectrum proudly offers proprietary KrosFlo hollow fiber membranes for implant technology to provide a TRUE-to-LIFE response for drug screening and cancer research. Perfectly suited for implantation, the modified Polyvinylidene Difluoride (mPVDF) hollow fiber membrane is biocompatible, resistant to cell adhesion, hydrophobic and resistant to a wide variety of organic solvents, including most aqueous acids and bases. Furthermore, these hollow fibers can be heat sealed and autoclaved without affecting the molecular weight cut off (500,000 Dalton MWCO) or changing the membrane performance.

TRUE-to-LIFE! The KrosFlo Implant Membranes has been shown to be biocompatible in various animal models for periods exceeding 14 days. Multiple cell lines have been grown both in vitro and in vivo within the KrosFlo Implant Membranes. Cell lines grown within KrosFlo Implant Membranes, which have been implanted into a host animal, are not subject to immunological attack by the host animal. KrosFlo Implant Membranes containing cancer cell lines have been implanted into mice and used to screen for compounds having anti cancer activity. Similarly, KrosFlo Implant Membranes containing HIV infected cell lines have been implanted into mice and used to screen for compounds having anti-HIV activity. Literature describing the implantation of KrosFlo Implant Membrane in these animal models is available at www.spectrumlabs.com.

Encapsulated cells can be:

  • Established cancer cell lines
  • Virus infected cells
  • Hematopoietic cells
  • Bacteria
  • Fungi

KrosFlo Implant Membranes isolate:

  • Immune systems cells
  • Viruses
  • Mycoplasma

KrosFlo Implant Membranes have:

  • Biocompatible inner and outer surface

Advantages over current xenographic model:

  • 10 day assay versus 60 day assay
  • Smaller assay variability, fewer animals needed
  • Uses lesser amounts of test compounds
  • Multiple cell lines can be tested simultaneously in same animal
  • Compatible with different cell lines


Inner Diameter:
Outer Diameter:
Wet in DI water and autoclaved or Dry and not autoclaved
1.0 mm
1.2 mm
34 cm per fiber
Three fibers per package

Product Number Color MWCO (Daltons) Price (US$)
M138615 White 500 kD, wet
M138616 Blue 500 kD, wet
M138617 Yellow 500 kD, wet
M138618 Green 500 kD, wet
S9320101 White 500 kD, dry
S9320102 Blue 500 kD, dry
S9320104 Yellow 500 kD, dry
S9320103 Green 500 kD, dry

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