KrosFlo® MBT Sets
Single-use Module-Bag-Tubing (MBT) Sets for Sterile Fluid Containment Customized for Specific Applications In-process Handling & Separations

Spectrum has expanded the concept of disposability by incorporating irradiated KrosFlo hollow fiber filter modules into sterile KrosFlo EZ-Bag Manifolds to provide a totally disposable process filtration flow-path. Quickly and easily installed on a KrosFlo System for R&D or Process Development, the new single-use flow-path provides a revolutionary approach: pre-packaged, disposable and complete! Customized to your specific application, the Module Flow-paths are available in two different bag configurations and your choice of KrosFlo brand hollow fiber modules.


Providing separate containment of both retentate and filtrate, the 2-Bag Flow-path utilizes an initial "process bag" in the filter loop to concentrate retentate while a second bag collects filtrate. When complete simply clamp off, disconnect and remove the product filled bag for easy transport and storage.


While the retentate is circulating, a third bag can be used to add either more product for large volume concentrations or wash buffer for purification. In these applications, the complete and separate fluid containment includes the feed solution, as well as the retentate and filtrate.

Volume Size & Ports
Select Bag Type, Volume Size & Ports

Single or multiple bag combinations of varying types & sizes can be customized:

  • Pillow Bags (1 L, 5 L, 10 L, 20 L & 50 L)
  • Cylindrical Tank Bags (50 - 750+ liters)
  • Container Tank Bags (500 - 1,000+ liters)
  • Cubic Tank Bags (200 - 2,000+ liters)
  • 1 - 4 ports possible with 1/4 - 1" dia. (sampling/injection port also available)
Type & Size
Select Flexible Tubing Type & Size

All types of commercially available flexible tubing, including:

  • C-Flex®
  • Platinum cured silicone
  • Reinforced silicone
  • Pharmed® (Neoprene)
  • Tygon® 3350 Silicone
  • Injection septum
Connection Type for Tubing
Connection Type for Tubing

All types of commercially available connection types, including:

  • CPC® Quick-Disconnect
  • Steamable single-use CPC
  • Sterile connections
  • Y and straight connectors & reducers
  • Plastic Tri-Clover hose-barb adaptors
  • Luer-lok®
In-Line Filters
Select In-Line Filters

Spectrum offers a comprehensive line of hollow fiber filters for in-line filtration and separation for process fluids.

In-Line Filters
Multi-bag Manifolds

Disposable bag manifolds can be customized for specific process applications, whether made of small bags connected through a network of flow paths or a larger bag connected to several sampling bags.

  • Irradiated and/or sterile
  • Quantity/Box

Advantages of Disposable Process Fluid Containment
  • Improved batch control
  • No cross-contamination
  • Lower production costs
  • Less process down-time
  • Quicker and easier set-up
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MiniKros® Pilot System
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